Bibliography on land and freshwater Snails of the northern area of Guatemala

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List of snails species that are found in the northern area of Guatemala


Photo taken with the iPhone Xs, by Nicholas Hellmuth in Sabana-cibal del Parque Nacional Naranjo


Rangel & Gamboa,1998 list lots of snails:

  • Helicina tenuis
  • Lucidella lirata
  • Neocyclotus dysoni ambiguum
  • Pomacea flagellate
  • Subulina octona
  • Lamellaxis micra
  • Eucolodium decollaturr
  • Epirobia morini
  • Drymaeus lilacinus var. unicolor
  • Drymaeus sulfureus
  • Ortalichus princeps
  • Euglandina cumingi
  • Streptostyla nigricans
  • Leptarionta trigonostoma

But Daniel Dourson Ronald Caldwell, and Judy Dourson list several hundred percent more. Their book is now available, and if you are an archaeologist, ecologist, or biologist (or if you like to learn about the reality of life of creatures out in the rain forests), this book is well worth acquiring.


PDF, Articles, Books on Snails of the northern area of Guatemala



  • BASCH, Paul F.
  • 1959
  • Land Mollusca of the Tikal National Park, Guatemala. Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology, university of Michigan, Number 612, Nov. 5, 1959, pp. 1-15.



  • DOURSON, Daniel C, CALDWELL, Ronald S. and Judy A. DOURSON
  • 2018
  • Land Snails of Belize, Central America A chronicle of remarkable diversity and function. Goatslug Publications. 339 pages.

    This is the most thorough coverage of any flora and fauna that I have experienced in recent years, PLUS, it has excellent photos of everything! Most scientific works are lists and tabulations (a way of saying almost no photos at all). And when photos are included, too often they are snapshots (often using a T-shirt or curtain or sheet as a backdrop). Every photo in this land snail book is well done. I am frankly amazed at the years of work of the authors and the people with whom they did field work, plus what must have been endless field trips of hiking to remote areas, and finding snails everywhere (I say this since in one year we have found only about three snails in the Yaxha park; there must be hundreds, but unless you know where, when, and how to find a snail, you won’t see them (we are looking primarily for flowering plants and ecosystems in the first year)).

    This excellent monograph covers primarily land snails but also has a chapter on freshwater snails. These are crucial for archaeologists to learn about since jute snails are edible throughout Peten.

    Sure would help to have this kind of monograph on Land and Freshwater Snails of Guatemala, Mushrooms of Guatemala, Lichen of Guatemala, Palms of Guatemala (we are ourselves working on mushrooms and palms and other topics of the Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo).





  • MEIGHAN, C. E.
  • 1969
  • Mollusks as food remains in archaeological sites. In Science in archaeology, Eds. By D. Brothwell and E. Higgs, revised edition. Thames & Hudson. Pages 415-422.



  • RANGEL, Luis and Jaquelina GAMBOA
  • 1998
  • Estudio taxonómico de moluscos terrestres y dulceacuícolas de la región maya de México O. Reserva de la Biosfera Pantanos de Centla. Universidad Autónoma de Tabasco. SNIB-CONABIO. 90 pages.

    Available online:






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First posted August, 2019
Bibliography prepared by Marcella Sarti, FLAAR Mesoamerica,
additions by Nicholas Hellmuth.

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